60’s Bar Table Goes Gold

This 7′ Valley Coin-op pool table in Bellflower, California was refelted with new gold felt to replace the old. It had been a few years since the table was open, and when the slate was out the inner workings of the table were visible. The homeowner took the opportunity to fish out lost pieces of lost chalk. Things often become stuck inside coin operated tables when accidentally (or sometimes purposefully) dropped in a pocket. Newer models have access doors and a bit more space beneath the ball track. This 1960’s Valley does not have those features. A paper towel roll, duct tape with the help of a shop vac made it possible to suck up the missing chalk.

The ball tracks were in excellent condition. Newer tables use a plastic/resin system to collect the balls. This table has the older wooden system. Most tables of this age, have extreme wear and are often damaged to the point where balls get stuck. It was amazing to see such a clean and well taken care of machine.

The original 50+ year old U23 cushions were still good, so we recovered them and they’ll be ready to go for a good while yet. After the new cloth was stretched on the slate, we placed it back in the cabinet and fastened the rails back on. With the exception of a few signs of aging formica, this billiard table looks and plays great.

2 thoughts on “60’s Bar Table Goes Gold

  1. My neighbor has this same model and doesn’t want it, so I am trying to move it to my basement. We got the slate off and the feet off and it’s still too big to leave his basement! What can we do to help move this thing? the slate is in my garage, it was narrow enough to get up the stairs and out the door, but the cabinet/frame is bigger than the gap between the stairs and the ceiling right now. We are willing to take the stairs off and put them back on after.

    • moving commercial cabinets are a pain. You might have to remove the stairs, but that is a lot of work for an old pool table.

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