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New CL Bailey Dutchess Pool Table…

Here’s a brand new eight foot slate pool table we recently delivered and installed to our client from Bradbury, CA. He and his girlfriend made the short trip down to our Orange County pool table store to pick out this affordably priced pool table. The Dutchess by CL Bailey features solid wood construction throughout and one inch three piece slates. The CL Bailey Co. has recently made some new improvements to their complete line of furniture style pool tables. To start with they’ve done away with the old way of manufacturing their cabinets. In the past they had partnered with the same Malaysian factory who made all of the pool tables for American Heritage Billiards. Unfortunately the manufacturer had too large of a price increase in their production costs and the owners at CLB felt there was no way to pass this increase on to their network of dealers. Instead of closing their doors for good like so many other pool table manufacturers have done in the past six or seven years, the heads of CL Bailey decided to invest in their own manufacturing facility in China. Now with pool table manufacturing under their complete control they’ve completely done away with the use of M.D.F. throughout their complete line of carved leg pool tables.

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