Us Vs. Them

Top 3 Reasons to Buy from Us…

These days buying a pool table is pretty easy. They’re available on-line from a variety of websites and a variety of companies, some with little or no billiards background at all. What we offer our clients is a well built product at a reasonable price. We include a descent accessory package with each table. Whether you buy a totally custom built pool table such as our Connelly Billiards line or one of our imports from The C.L. Bailey Co., you can rest assured knowing that your new investment will perform better than any other Chinese billiard table on the market. That’s a pretty bold statement to say. I know this because I deliver and install every pool table that DK Billiards sells and I’m the owner of the company. Any two bit hack with a van or a pick-up truck can deliver a pool table, they may even know how to assemble it. But the difference between Us versus Them is the quality of the tools that we use to level the slate surface of your pool table. We Do Not use carpenter’s levels to level our slate pool tables. I use a finely tuned Machinist’s level designed to detect even the slightest amount of surface error. When I’m finished leveling your slate pool table it will be level to within 10/1000’s of an inch. Guaranteed.

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