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We at DK Billiards have worked on nearly every make, model and type of pool table. I am particularly knowledgeable when it comes to Golden West pool table service. This client of ours from Fullerton, CA hired us to setup their seven foot slate pool table in their single car garage. The ends of the table will be no problem for shooting with a 57″ inch pool cue, but the sides are a little tight. Luckily we carry billiard supplies with us and were able to supply the client with a 42 inch pool cue. I was able to save my client some cash, simply by re-stretching their pool table felt for the third and final time.

I have a particular fondness for Golden West pool tables. I learned most everything I know from working at Golden West Billiards in Orange, CA. The place was owned by Dick Johnson and was the first Golden West dealership in Orange County. I learned my trade by working alongside co-worker John Campbell. This was back in the late 80’s, and for me it started as just a part time summer job. It eventually blossomed into a full time career for me which has spanned over two decades.

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  1. We have the same billiard 9′ table as your main photo (Golden West), I would like the stain/color to be darker cherry wood and I’m not sure spending the money would be worth it. Could you please tell me how much you think our billiard table is worth? becore I make a decision on what to do. Thanks, Carole

    • Thanks for your interest in my blog Carole. I honestly think that it would be worth the cost to strip and refinish your nine foot golden west. If you were to simply sell it and buy another in a stain you like you’d most likely only get $500. for it. Most folks aren’t looking for nine footers. Then, when and if you found a buyer you’d looking at a $4000. price tag to replace it in the stain of your liking. Having your pool table disassembled, then re-stained and finished, then re-assembled and refelted would probably cost you less than $1500. If you’re local, we can assist with the breaking down/setting up/refelting. I also know a couple of furniture restoration guys.

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