Pool Table Services

Pool table service remains our specialty. We are licensed, insured and backed by over 25 years of hands on experience in the billiards industry. My crews and I can safely move your slate pool table from place to place. We can also transform an older pool table into a superb playing machine. We do it all, from pool table re-leveling, to refelting and repairs, to pool table moving services. Please remember that we are usually booked about 7 days in advance. Please let us know if you are not within the greater Orange County area.

DK Billiard Service Price List

Improperly moving a slate pool table may damage the table rails, blind aprons, frame, slate and/or can cause great personal injury. I am a licensed and insured billiard mechanic with over 25 years of hands-on experience in the billiard industry. Prices are for LOCAL, GROUND FLOOR to GROUND FLOOR pool table moves only. Including professional re-leveling in the new location. Please ask for additional trip charges for pool table moves outside of Orange County, Long Beach and Corona. There are two parts to properly moving a billiard table. First we go to the pick-up location and disassemble your pool table, carefully removing the rails, the billiard cloth and slate(s) then we transport it to the new location. Once we have established the ideal position for your pool table, we will professionally setup your table with the existing billiard cloth. We will professionally level and align the slate(s) and rails to make sure it plays even better than you remember. Measure your pool table and find the number of slates for the most accurate quote.

*Antique (pre-1950s), specialty or one piece slate pool tables WILL require additional fees.

*Refelting your pool table is not always mandatory when we move it, but grouping a refelt with a move saves you money!

Replace your worn out, torn or faded billiard cloth or just pick a new color to give your older pool table a fresh, new look. Save 50% off refelt labor when grouped with a pool table move or a setup. View our styles and colors here.

Measure your pool table for the most accurate quote. *Antique (pre-1950s), specialty or one piece slate pool tables may require additional fees.

We can re-glue or repair cushion rubber that has been detached from rail due to misuse, or replace dead cushion rubber that has deteriorated due to age. (Normal life expectancy 20 – 30 yrs.) Our standard cushions are K-66 profile, vulcanized canvas top and back. We offer K55 profile cushions for antique pool tables. Pocket shimming is available upon request in increments of 0.125 inches.

Most recushion jobs are done in conjunction with a refelt. If your cloth has been recently replaced or is still in good shape, please let us know. We may be able to save your rail cloth. Save $50 if you bring your rails into the service center in conjunction with a refelt or a set-up. Measure your pool table for the most accurate quote. Antique (pre-1950s), specialty or one piece slate pool tables may require additional fees.

Have a pool table that was previously disassembled and want to get setup again? We can setup your pool table, uncrate the slates if necessary, and get it playing just like it did when it was disassembled.

We use only the finest machinist levels and custom shims to get the most accurate level (and protect your floors).

We can also disassemble your pool table and carefully remove the felt so it can be used again. We leave all pieces to the pool table in the same room where it was located. We also provide slate crating service to protect your slate during a long distance move or when using a relocation company to move your pool table.

For setups, ALL PARTS must be placed in room where pool table is to stand. For breakdowns, ALL PARTS will be left in room where pool table stood. *Antique (pre-1950s), specialty or one piece slate pool tables WILL require additional fees. *Prices DO NOT include new felt.

Pool Table Repair and Replacement Services:

  • Leather Pocket Repair or Replacement
  • Broken Leg Mounts or Pool Table Rebuilding
  • Slate Seam Adjustment or Pool Table Releveling
  • Coin Operated Pool Table Parts or Service