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Brunswick Centennial Carom Table

Brunswick Centennial Carom Table

One year ago (nearly to the day), we setup a Brunswick Centennial Art Deco Masterpiece in Redlands, California. The lengthy and difficult process of restoring a midcentury table, didn’t scare off our customer. He fell in love (rightly so) with his 10′ snooker table so much, that he decided to restore a matching 10′ carom table.

Back in 1996, I acquired seven Centennials when Right Road Billiards in Santa Ana, California closed down. I refurbished a few at the time, and kept one nine footer for myself. This last carom table needed the most work and sat shelved for many years.

The process of refurbishing was similar to that of our customer’s existing snooker table, though a bit more difficult. The rails and legs on this table needed additional love after 45 years of billiard hall abuse. They were sanded down completely, then restained. The aluminum went out for polish and came back looking brand new.

Once again, the nearly 70 year old cushions were still lively. The quality of this rubber is awesome! We recovered the rails and set out for this beauty to meet her sister. Antique tables like these do take some extra time and care. The frame went together smoothly, giving the giant three pieces of slate ample support. Brite blue cloth was stretched on the bed, then the rails and corners carefully assembled.

The finished project is a tad bittersweet. I am proud of how the table turned out and pleased it found home where it can be appreciated. However the completion of this project is a bit like closing a chapter of my life.

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Aramith Fusion in a Garage

Aramith Fusion in a Garage

Our Manhattan Beach, California clients decided to extend their living area into the garage. We installed their white oak topped Aramith FusionTable directly on the concrete floor. The Fusion dining pool table combination, with its patented lift lock leg system maintains level at playing height. The slate top stays true, even with the slope of a garage (or patio).

The FusionTable, available in multiple stains and finishes, is an all-around team player. As a dining table, it seats 8-10 people easily. Remove the leaves to expose a bar-sized pool table to entertain and delight friends and family. All accessories conveniently store within the table, hidden from view until you’re ready to play.


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Two-tone Rustic Pool Table Install

Two-tone Rustic Pool Table Install

The two-toned Watson blends dark and natural wood for a rustic, yet contemporary look. Our Irvine, California family chose Electric Blue cloth for a burst of color that is still easy on the eyes. The teenage children of the house will especially enjoy hanging out with their friends in the new game room space.

The Watson Rustic, also available in Chestnut stain, is an affordable, well built slate pool table. Leather bucket pockets keep your focus on the natural beauty of the wood. K-66 cushion rubber provides accurate bounce for superb play.

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Adler Victoria

Adler Victoria

New Golden felt looks spectacular on this Adler Victoria in La Habra Heights, California. This 30 year old table is a replica of a pool table popular in the 1920’s. The 9 footer was disassembled prior to new flooring by another company. We were called out to reassemble and replace the cloth.

Antiques and antique replicas can be tricky to work with. T-shaped rails bolt in from the sides and leave little room to work when refelting, requiring extra time and experience to get correct.

Now perfectly level on the new carpet, with new cloth, our customers are enjoying their games of eight ball once again.

Service is our specialty, with over 20 years experience working on all makes and models of billiard tables to ensure you get the best roll every shot. Learn more about our pool table service, including moving.

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Custom Classic Oak Duke

Custom Classic Oak Duke

We just finished up installing this 7′ Classic Oak Duke in Capistrano Beach, California. Our customer chose the Dutchess ball and claw legs as opposed to the panel legs that come standard. Cadet blue billiard felt is easy on the eyes, adding just a hint of cool amidst the warm wood tones in the room.

The C.L. Bailey pool tables have great solid wood construction paired with metal-to-metal connections. Three piece one inch backed slate and high quality K-66 cushion rubber to give you tournament play at the most affordable price. Wide top rails and genuine leather basket pockets come standard on all tables in this line. Visit our Orange County Billiard Showroom to learn more about why CLB tables are so amazing.

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Bellagio with Black Felt

Bellagio with Black Felt

We just finished up with this 8′ Olhausen Bellagio in Dana Point, California. This contemporary pool table was left in pieces for us to setup and level. Black Simonis cloth gives it a nice monochromatic look and is a striking contrast to the rug and lighter colors in the room.

Sometimes, a pool table needs to be stored during a move, construction or remodeling. We provide billiard services such as disassemble, moving and setup. Find out more about each of these on our services page or by calling our Orange County Pool Table Service Center.

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Contemporary Beach Pool Table

This drop pocket Beach Mfg. billiard table was recently setup in Laguna Beach, California. This home was being staged for sale, and the pool table was a featured element. It was previously disassembled by a moving company, then the pieces were left for us to setup in the gameroom.

Professional setup is key to having a pool table play properly from the get go. Inexperienced installers sometimes rush the process, hoping that you will not notice a slight drift of the ball or difficulty making a rail shot. Pool table leveling and setup takes time and experience. Even on jobs like these, where the pool table is just a showpiece, we still go the extra mile. The table could possibly be negotiated into the sale and stay right where it is. If that happens, it will be perfectly level and ready for the next owner.

Whether your billiard table was disassembled and moved for new flooring or in storage for many years, DK Billiard Service can get you back in the game.

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American Heritage New Cushions and Felt

American Heritage New Cushions and Felt

A while back, we broke this 8′ American Heritage down for temporary storage and eventual move from Fountain Valley, California. We left the frame, slate and hardware with the homeowner, but took the rails with us to be recushioned. American Heritages aren’t known for using high quality cushion rubber, and this 8 year old table already needed some TLC.

The family found a home in nearby Huntington Beach and their movers safely moved the frame and slate into the house for us. We brought out the rails, newly recushioned and refelted, and completed the setup. Navy blue Teflon cloth and new cushions make this game room ready for action.

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Black and Tan

Black and Tan

Black Felt Looks Sharp

This 8′ pool light maple pool table in Norco, California is ready for good times again. Aging cushion rubber was replaced and new black felt and black leather pockets were added.

If you notice yourself having to hit the ball harder than you used to, or in comparison to a new pool table, you may need a billiard recushioning service. Typically, cushion rubber lasts around 20-25 years, although some high quality cushion rubber lasts longer. Inferior cushion rubber sometimes doesn’t last five years. If the pool table has seen direct sunlight, cushion life will be greatly reduced. You can test your cushions by rolling a ball firmly against a cushion on the short side. It should make 3-4 cushion to cushion contacts before coming to rest. The telltale sign of a dead cushion is a “thud” noise on contact. Cushions should be quiet and lively.

New cushions are often done in conjunction with refelting. Many times new pockets are needed, because like the rubber, the leather baskets get old, dry and begin to crack and break. It is a bit of an investment to do all of this, but your table will not only look like new, it will play like it also.

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Hunting for a Pool Table

Hunting for a Pool Table

Archery, Antlers and Billiards

Surrounded by bows, arrows and antlers, this 8′ post leg style pool table takes center stage in a not-so-typical Orange County game room. The wide masculine stance of the legs and straight lines are the perfect match for this modern lodge. The Fountain Valley, California homeowners created this unique fun play space for their family and friends.

A game room should be a space that reflects not only your style, but also your personality. Adding your own twist to the space around your pool table can really make it shine.

Although this billiards table is likely 40+ years old, you can find a new one in the same style. Check out the C.L. Bailey Alicante or Connelly Chiricahua. Both have classic post leg designs with all the new construction benefits.

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