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Through a Customer’s Eyes

0 Posted by Rory on October 11, 2013
Burgundy  Cloth

Pool Table from a Layman’s View We often offer our opinion on construction of pool table frames from various manufacturers. It is easy for us to get carried away with minor details and billiard terms that some people aren’t familiar with. We strive to keep things simple, but sometimes hearing from someone not a part […]

Duke Pool Table Delivery

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 21, 2012
Allowing enough space for your cuesticks is really the first step in installing a pool table.

Cheap Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County This recent slate pool table delivery was done in our client’s newly remodeled gameroom. The Wesminster, CA couple found us online and decided to drop by our local Orange County pool table store. Both clients fell in love with a slate pool table called the Duke. This […]

1970’s Delta Billiard Table Vanishes

9 Posted by Pool Table King on October 14, 2012
Nine foot Delta billiard table.

This 1970’s pool table was located in our client’s Santa Ana, CA garage gameroom. We recently disassembled this nine foot Delta custom billiard table and made it into smaller, easy to handle pieces for our client to later move himself. The three piece slate bed was the heaviest part of the pool table. Each piece […]

Pool Tables Delivered to Your Home

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 4, 2012
We offer free, local home delivery and we'll help you locate the optimum position for maximum billiards enjoyment.

Here is another import pool table which we recently delivered and installed to our clients home in Fullerton, CA. The pool table is a CL Bailey brand. This model is called the “Dutchess”, it features solid wood construction throughout the entire cabinet. All CL Bailey pool tables come standard with permanently framed, one inch, three […]

Free Pool Table Deliveries

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 8, 2012
7' honey maple Lorient pool table finished.

Yes folks, that’s right! All of our pool table models come complete with deluxe playing equipment and free local delivery. You’ll never have to lift a finger, except to point to where you want us to professionally install your new slate pool table. We stock new import slate pool tables with prices as low as […]

The Wrong Way to Move a Slate Pool Table

1 Posted by Pool Table King on April 10, 2012
Yikes, this is not how to move a slate pool table.

This client of ours from Placentia, CA was doing some home remodeling. When it came time to move his slate pool table out of the way, he and four of his friends thought it would be an easy task that they could handle. Wrong! They managed to get his seven foot World of Leisure, three […]

Looking for a Quality Slate Pool Table?

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 7, 2012
Brunswick label located inside of the pool table cabinet.

Are you in the market for a new pool table? You may be surprised to know that not all pool tables are created equal. Understanding the key components of a pool table will help you make wiser decisions before you pull the trigger on just the first nameplate you see. Yes, almost everyone knows that […]

Important Facts About Import Pool Tables

1 Posted by Pool Table King on February 25, 2012
CL Bailey pool tables feature a 2" thick block of solid wood that serves as the slate screw anchoring point.

Buying a good quality import pool table can be a great way to entertain at home. The problem is knowing the good qualities from the bad. There are several key aspects of a pool table’s construction and each one plays an important role in the playability of the table. The most important quality of a […]

7′ Dutchess Pool Table Delivers Family Fun

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 19, 2012
Finished with the C.L. Bailey Dutchess pool table installation.

This family of four from Orange, CA. has been wanting a slate pool table for a couple of years. But now that the kids are entering their teenage years, Mom and Dad thought it was the perfect time to buy one. Keeping an eye on their budget while still seeking quality were two important goals […]

Fischer Stratford Pool Table Sale

3 Posted by Pool Table King on September 10, 2011
Fischer Stratford with accessory drawer

  This is a slate pool table we recently delivered and installed for our clients in Fullerton, CA. This model, called the Stratford by Fischer features a hidden accessory drawer that holds all playing equipment. We are currently running a special on the Stratford, we have one in stock at a 20% discount off regular […]

Dutchess Delivers Daily Delight

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 25, 2011

Here’s another quality import pool table we built and installed for my clients in Laguna Niguel, CA. The whole family came down to our Orange County showroom and picked out all of the components: stain choice, leg choice, leather pocket style and felt color. We built the pool table to their specifications and in about […]

Protecting Your Pool Table During A Move

1 Posted by Pool Table King on June 30, 2011

These clients of ours from Laguna Beach, CA hired us to protect their 8′ slate pool table. The owners of this Fischer “Dutchess” are moving to a new home, unfortunately they weren’t able to find a new home quick enough. Most of their furniture, as well as the pool table will be going into storage. […]

Secrets Revealed About American Heritage Pool Tables

2 Posted by Pool Table King on June 11, 2011

  This is an eight foot Fischer “Duke” pool table we delivered  to our clients in Yorba Linda, CA last week. These pool tables are imports made in Malaysia, in the same factory that produces American Heritage pool tables. One of the major differences between Fischer and American Heritage is the way that the slate […]

This Dutchess Delivers Family Fun

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 8, 2011

Here is a Fischer Dutchess pool table we delivered to a nice family from Long Beach, CA. They have three kids ages 10-15 and wanted to give their kids something that would offer hours of fun for the family. They have a two car garage that was mostly used for storage. There was plenty of […]

Blast From the Past Retro Pool Table

4 Posted by Pool Table King on May 4, 2010

We definitely aren’t strangers to having Fischer pool tables around. But seeing a Fischer pool table circa 1960 is another story. It’s not the first time we have seen this table. We moved and refelted it a few years back. But it is such a cool looking table we just had to post a picture. […]