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Beware of Fusion Pool Table Imitations

0 Posted by Rory on February 28, 2012

We here at DK Billiards are proud to be an Authorized dealer of the Aramith FusionTable. It has come to our attention that is selling their own knock-off version of the FusionTable using Aramith’s trademarked photographs. We have repeatedly called this to the attention of Aramith, but the photos have not been removed. It […]

Important Facts About Import Pool Tables

1 Posted by Pool Table King on February 25, 2012
CL Bailey pool tables feature a 2" thick block of solid wood that serves as the slate screw anchoring point.

Buying a good quality import pool table can be a great way to entertain at home. The problem is knowing the good qualities from the bad. There are several key aspects of a pool table’s construction and each one plays an important role in the playability of the table. The most important quality of a […]

The Cost of a Free Pool Table

3 Posted by Rory on February 19, 2012
Looks can be very deceiving, read our blog first!

So you just scored yourself a free pool table, eh? You’re stoked but now you’ve come to the realization that it’s gotta get moved. This pool table is heavy. Heavier than you (and your buddies) thought. How are you going to get this beast to your house? Well, you hire us to move it, of […]

What size pool table?

1 Posted by Pool Table King on February 5, 2012
Read this blog to take the mystery out of buying the right size pool table.

Are you trying to figure out what size pool table you have? Or, are you looking to buy a pool table and aren’t sure what size will work for you? We are about to take the mystery out of pool table sizes and answer both of these questions. Different pool table manufacturers use different width […]

How Not To Recushion Pool Table Rails

0 Posted by Pool Table King on February 1, 2012
5 years is too soon for cushion rubber to fall off the rail.

Here is a recent pool table service job we performed for our client in Orange, CA. These pool table cushions were replaced only six years ago. Due to lack of experience, the previous pool table installer used the incorrect type of adhesive. Our client will be having to replace the cushion rubber much, much sooner […]