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Connelly vs. Olhausen, Who Builds the Best Pool Table?

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 30, 2012
Connelly's cabinet corners feature rock solid leg mounts with vertical support and a top gusset for addional rigidity.

The Best American Made Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the almighty Olhausen Billiards. Their name is well known in the Billiard Table industry. They build great pool tables with inflated prices. We represent Connelly Billiards, the other, lesser known American pool table manufacturer. Now based in Richland […]

Del Mar Pool Table Delivery

2 Posted by Pool Table King on December 28, 2012
I'm building the leg and skirts to support the frame.

Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County. We just received our big Christmas delivery from the Connelly Billiards factory in Texas. Our client in Anaheim Hills, CA was the first to have his pool table delivered and installed before Christmas. The men at the factory have been working overtime to try and keep up with […]

American Made Pool Tables for Less

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 26, 2012
After I've leveled the slatebed, I begin to seal the seams with Beeswax.

Pool Tables For Sale in Orange County. Our new pool table inventory is running a bit low. Lead times for ordering a custom pool table are about four weeks. When our Anaheim Hills, CA clients recently visited our pool table showroom they fell in love with this eight foot Prescott and with Christmas just around […]

Keeping the Kids Busy and Safe at Home

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 23, 2012
8' black Addison installation done.

Cheap Slate Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County. With so many of our clients looking for cheap pool tables to keep their kids busy and safe at home, CL Bailey’s Addison billiard table delivers just that. We offer the best value on slate pool tables for your money and we deliver it to you, […]

The Safest Way to Move a Slate Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 21, 2012
Gently sliding off the rail sections is easy if you have ape arms like me!

Pool Table Movers in Orange County. Whether you’ve got a seven foot pool table with a one piece slate or a nine foot tournament table with three pieces of slate, the process of moving a pool table is the same. When you’re relocating to a new home or just changing out your flooring, you can […]

Ring in the New Year with a New Felt Color

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 19, 2012
Seven foot CL Bailey with Camel felt.

Pool Table Repairs Orange County. With the New Year coming why don’t you give your older pool table a make-over. Did you know that we stock over 25 felt colors? You don’t like looking at the original felt that your pool table came with? No worries. Just drop by our pool table service center in […]

Moving? Don’t Ditch Your Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 17, 2012
Brunswick nameplate on head rail.

Antique Billiard Table Specialists. This early 1900’s Brunswick-Balke-Collender billiard table has been in the family for 80 years. The Fullerton, CA home where this antique BBC has resided for all these years was going to be sold and it’s current owners were relocating to Big Bear. Our clients hired us to disassemble this nine foot, […]

The Right Size Pool Table For You

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 15, 2012
8' CL Bailey Lorient installation complete.

What Size Pool Table is Best for You. Are you on the fence about which size pool table to buy? Here at DK Billiards we’re helpful when it comes to figuring out which size will fit your space the best. These days we’ve been selling more seven foot billiard tables than eight footers. Five feet […]

Brunswick Pool Table Movers

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 13, 2012
All loaded and ready to go to our client's new home.

Pool Table Moving in Southern CA This nine foot Brunswick Heirloom has been in this Fontana, CA farmhouse for 40 years. It still had the original billiard cloth on it. In fact we were the first pool table movers to disassemble the nine foot table since it was originally installed in 1970’s. It’s so surprising […]

Best Billiard Value in O.C.

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 11, 2012
Laying the piece of bedcloth to be stapled to the slatebed.

Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County Here’s a recent Connelly pool table delivery to our clients from Anaheim Hills, CA. The clients had looked high and low for an American made pool table that wouldn’t break the bank. They saw many similar looking pool tables made by Olhausen billiards. Our clients told us the […]

Not Your Average Pool Table Movers

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 7, 2012
All the slate screws are out. Next we'll remove the three pieces of slate.

Moving Your Slate Pool Table Correctly. Moving your slate pool table is not something you want to wait til the last minute to handle. Take this solid oak, eight foot Peter Vitalie pool table in Fullerton, CA. Our clients were doing some home remodeling and when it came time to move their three piece slate […]

Connelly Pool Tables Deliver the Greatest Value

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 3, 2012
We had to take apart this 8' Scottsdale to get it upstairs. I'm reassembling it.

Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County On a recent delivery to our client’s Shady Canyon home to install this eight foot Connelly Scottsdale pool table, we had to do something we normally don’t do. Because this table was such a heavy beast, we had to disassemble the cabinet to make it light enough to […]

What is a Standard Size Pool Table?

1 Posted by Pool Table King on November 28, 2012
8 foot Olhausen installed in Newport Coast dining room.

What Size Pool Table to Buy? Here at DK Billiards we can provide our clients with many different pool table sizes. Most of our clients choose what is commonly called the standard or full size pool table. We refer to this size as a 44×88 inch pool table. It is sometimes called a 4×8, which […]

Parking Your Pool Table in the Garage

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 24, 2012
I'm centering the pool table slate over the Addison's frame.

Sure you can park your car in a garage. But have you ever thought you could park an eight foot slate pool table in there too. Sure you can! Take a look at this client of ours from Long Beach, CA who recently bought our lowest price American made pool table from us. The kicker […]

Duke Pool Table Delivery

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 21, 2012
Allowing enough space for your cuesticks is really the first step in installing a pool table.

Cheap Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County This recent slate pool table delivery was done in our client’s newly remodeled gameroom. The Wesminster, CA couple found us online and decided to drop by our local Orange County pool table store. Both clients fell in love with a slate pool table called the Duke. This […]

Maximize Your Space with Fusiontable

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 18, 2012
"What do you mean the frame is not level"

Here is a recent delivery to our client’s Palm Springs, CA home. This client loved the space saving design of Aramith’s Fusion Dining Pool Table. Fusiontable features a one piece slate pool table with professional grade K-66 cushions for superb pocket billiards play. With the wood dining tops in place you’ll be able to enjoy […]

Connelly Builds the Ultimate Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 14, 2012
8' Ultimate Prescott being unloaded from the van.

Connelly Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County. Here’s a recent pool table installation we performed for our clients from Santa Ana, CA. The family had just finished construction of their upstairs gameroom and were ready to receive their Connelly Billiards custom built pool table. They chose a maple 4×8 foot Prescott pool table. The […]

What is Pool Table Slate?

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 10, 2012
One piece slates are common for coin-op "bar" tables.

Cheap Slate Pool Tables for Sale in Orange County. Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. In other words it’s stone which the billiard industry uses exclusively for creating the playfield of a pool or billiards table. […]

When Should I Replace My Pool Cue Tip?

2 Posted by Pool Table King on November 6, 2012
This cue stick is ready for a new tip. Your tip should be replaced when it's 1/16th of an inch or less.

Keeping your pool cue sticks in good working order will add life to your pool table felt and help your game tremendously. When your cue’s leather tip wears down to the thickness of a dime it’s time to replace the tip. If you continue to use a cuestick that has a worn down tip you […]

House Hunters Find Fusiontable Fulfilling

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 2, 2012
Powder coat grey/ wenge stain Fusiontable with Khaki cloth.

On a recent trip to Coto de Caza my crew and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jermaine Griggs. He and his family were recently on HGTV’s House Hunters and are furnishing one of the last rooms in their beautiful new home with an Aramith Fusion Dining Pool Table. The Fusion Table is more […]

Can You Restretch Pool Table Felt?

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 30, 2012
Nine foot Delta billiard table setup in one and a half car garage.

Our client recently decided to move his 1970’s, 4.5×9 foot Delta billiard table out of the front room of his Long Beach, CA house. This 9′ tournament size pool table was too good to get rid of so my client decided to transform his one and half car garage into a gameroom. After we carefully […]

Pool Table Service Pros

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 23, 2012
Eight foot World of Liesure pool table damaged by inexperienced movers.

Here’s a recent pool table repair we performed for our client in Laguna Hills, CA. The client scored a free pool table from an abandoned home down in Ramona, CA. The only problem was there was no time to hire professional pool table movers to properly disassemble this 8′ World of Leisure. Sheer man power […]

Why Pool Tables Don’t Make Good Perches

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 20, 2012
Bad birdie, no more leather pockets for you!

Pool table moving is a specialized service we offer to clients all over Southern California. This particular pool table move was an interesting lesson on how to care for your pool table pockets too. Our client has a large parrot that he used to let sit on his pool table pockets. I guess the bird […]

How to Disassemble a Brunswick-Balke-Collender

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 17, 2012
Antique Brunswick-Balke-Collender nameplate which embedded in the head rail.

We recently serviced an antique billiard table for our client in Chino Hills, CA. This pro eight foot Brunswick-Balke-Collender circa 1930’s will need to be disassembled because our client is going to strip the black paint from the table cabinet and legs himself. He recently retired and decided to take on this project to try […]

1970’s Delta Billiard Table Vanishes

9 Posted by Pool Table King on October 14, 2012
Nine foot Delta billiard table.

This 1970’s pool table was located in our client’s Santa Ana, CA garage gameroom. We recently disassembled this nine foot Delta custom billiard table and made it into smaller, easy to handle pieces for our client to later move himself. The three piece slate bed was the heaviest part of the pool table. Each piece […]

Golden West Pool Table Experts

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 11, 2012
We're removing the old Camel felt from the slatebed.

Here’s an older Golden West pool table from Fullerton, CA that we recently serviced. The eight foot three piece slate pool table was in need of some new felt. After visiting our pool table service center and checking out all of the felt color options, our client decided on refelting with Olive colored billiard cloth […]

1970’s Golden West Leaves the Island

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 8, 2012
Coming downstairs with the pool table cabinet.

This Golden West slate pool table circa 1970’s had been located in Balboa, CA. It’s now heading inland to an Irvine, CA office building. This pool table was built back when billiard mechanics were macho men and three piece slate pool tables were for sissies. Yes, that’s right the pool table king has come across […]

Olhausen Pool Table Experts

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 5, 2012
Re-installing the felt.

Her’s an older Olhausen pool table we just moved and setup in our client’s two car garage. This pool table install was a little different than usual. Our clients decided to position the 8′ pool table going the opposite way in which we normally do. This will allow them to place a couch along side […]

Pasadena Fusion Table Install

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 2, 2012
Fusion Table in pool table mode.

We recently delivered and installed this Grey Oak Fusion Dining Pool Table to our client in Pasadena, CA. The Fusion comes in a number of popular wood stains. This is one of their newest stains to date. Our client chose the Aramith Fusion Table because it suits his modern apartment well. The Fusion allows its […]

Grandkids Get New Green Felt Job

0 Posted by Pool Table King on September 28, 2012
I'm removing one of the featherstrips that holds the felt into the rail top.

Here’s a recent pool table refelting job we did for our clients in Fullerton, CA. The owners of this eight foot one piece slate pool table have had it refelted one other time in it’s 40 year existence. Their Grandchildren are now becoming interested in playing pool so Nana thought it would be a great […]