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Classic Look for New Gameroom

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 27, 2015

A few weeks back we were hired to move this pool table to Orange, California. The job turned into a bit more than expected due to pepper spray residue (don’t ask) on the felt of the 8′ American Heritage pool table. Unable to use the cloth again, along with dead cushion rubber, delayed the setup […]

English Green Coin-Op

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 26, 2015

This recreation room in Orange, California had a major update recently. The Orangeland RV park clubhouse had new flooring installed and fresh paint and trim all around. We moved the table to a storage facility on the property before renovation began. After completion, we returned the 8′ Delta Coin-op to its original location and installed […]

Replacing a Non-Slate Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 23, 2015

After a few years of fun with a non-slate pool table, this San Juan Capistrano couple knew they were ready for an upgrade. Balls didn’t roll true on the playing surface and the lack of accuracy became frustrating for the homeowner. Unable to get consistent play, he and his wife paid a visit to our Orange […]

On Its Way to Hawaii

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 22, 2015

Nearly 10 years ago, we setup this Levello 28 by Campran pool table in Huntington Beach, California. The owner is now relocating to Hawaii. We carefully disassembled the entire table, removing the cloth for future use. The 8′ slates were crated individually and loaded into our van. After loading the frame and remaining parts, we transported the […]

Finished Basement Beauty

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 20, 2015

Here in Southern California, basements are few and far between. However, this Hermosa Beach, California home has a gorgeous finished basement and in it, a brand new 7′ Del Sol pool table. Getting this contemporary style Connelly downstairs was a bit interesting. There was access through the ceiling, reminiscent of the mortuary pool table a couple years back. […]

Creative Space Gets More Color

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 18, 2015

This artsy space in Brea, California is a fun place to hang out, make music and talk about art. The 30+ year old pool table was a great addition, but the camel cloth was so very boring. We were called out to refelt the one piece slate seven footer with a bold Euro Blue Teflon billiard […]

Preparing Your Pool Table for a Long Distance Move

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 16, 2015

Disassembling your pool table is important any time it is moved. When it is moving locally, the pieces are loaded carefully into a vehicle and transported to the next location to be assembled, usually on the same day. When moving long distance, there is an additional step involved in the process. Crating the slate is […]

Pool Table Install with Friendly Bear

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 15, 2015

This used 8′ World of Leisure billiard table was installed in the former formal living room of this Laguna Niguel, California home. The setup went fairly smoothly and I was able to grab a quick photo with my new bear friend. The three piece, one inch slate was leveled perfectly, then new spruce cloth stretched on. The rails […]

Dodger Blue on the Patio

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 14, 2015

We are lucky to live in a climate that allows many of our clients to have an outdoor gameroom. This 8′ DLT pool table under a large covered patio in Artesia, California is a fun hangout for family and friends. The old black cloth was worn thin and years of dust buildup were a definite nuisance. […]

Blackhawk with High Rise View

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 13, 2015

This 8′ Blackhawk made its home 20+ stories high in the Santa Ana, California Essex Skyline Building. The sleek black finish and subtle chrome accents work well with the modern architecture of the loft apartment. The Teflon red felt is a pop of color and ties in with classic car photography displayed. The (surprisingly affordable) Blackhawk is […]

Gameroom Shed on the Water

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 12, 2015

A gentleman in Earp, California gave us a call after seeing our sticker on a pool table he purchased from a thrift store. After a long chat, we realized that we were the ones that disassembled the pool table. How exactly it got out to Earp remains a mystery. By chance, a delivery to Lake Havasu was […]

Black and Red Seven Footer

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 11, 2015

This newly constructed, modern style home in Costa Mesa, California has the perfect gameroom space. The main living quarters are on separate levels upstairs, but the ground floor level has a perfect entertaining space off the patio. Our homeowner wasn’t the only one to think a pool table would work here. The model home directly next […]

Nine Footer Ready to Go

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 9, 2015

We were called out to this Irvine, California home to reassemble a nine foot Camelot pool table. The homeowner hired a moving company to move the billiard table from an upstairs room and into the garage. The moving company disassembled the pool table, moved it to the garage and left it there in pieces. The […]

Beachy Elkhorn

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 8, 2015

After finishing up the rustic gray gameroom, we began assembly on another Elkhorn Rustic white in Newport Beach, California. This Pottery Barn inspired pool table has a beachy vibe with the white washed, scraped oak. Our homeowner opted for olive Teflon felt to compliment the light colors and natural finishes in the home. We also […]

Rustic Gray Gameroom

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 7, 2015

Our Newport Beach, California clients were looking for a rustic pool table to tie in with their space. They chose a Pottery Barn inspired Elkhorn Rustic in a white washed stain. The scraped solid wood of the 8′ Elkhorn, shows a hint of gray in the grain. The charcoal Teflon cloth highlights the natural beauty of the […]

Hunting for a New Felt Color

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 6, 2015

This 8′ pool table was recently moved to Mission Viejo, California. It was nice to come across a pool table that didn’t need a ton of TLC. The existing cloth likely would have been fine to use again, but was changed to give the table a different look in its new space. The homeowner chose our […]

Black and White Delight

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 5, 2015

This rustic Elkhorn White found a home in Irvine, California. The 8′ rustic style pool table features scraped wood in light white washed finish. Our customer decided on black Teflon felt, creating a big contrast against the table’s stain. The Pottery Barn inspired heavy solid wood pieces go together a bit like a puzzle. Each part has […]

Dinner with a Side of Billiards

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 4, 2015

This Fountain Valley, California family can finally have a spacious place to gather for a meal. Not only did they go through a lengthy remodel, they were stuck using a folding table for dinner when their FusionTable was delayed shipping from Belgium. They were (thankfully) incredibly patient and now have a gorgeous convertible dining/pool table to gather […]

Seven Foot Elayna is Just Right

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 2, 2015

This 7′ Elayna perfectly fits the space for this Orange, California home. Going with an eight footer would have made our customer’s shots a bit tight. Sizing down to “bar size” makes his game more comfortable, yet still challenging. Tournament green Teflon felt on the Warm Chestnut solid maple is a classy, traditional choice. The gameroom […]

Nine Foot Delta Out of Storage

0 Posted by Pool Table King on May 1, 2015

We disassembled this 9′ Delta back in February 2011. The family needed space, but didn’t necessary want to part with their pool table. Fast forward four years and the daughter of the family now has her own place with space for the billiard table she grew up playing on. We assembled the frame in its new […]

Back in the Spotlight

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 30, 2015

This Brunswick Heritage pool table lived in the basement of this North Tustin, California home for over forty years. The family did some reconfiguration and made space for it to come into the main part of the house. We were originally called out to pickup the rails for a recushion job as the first step […]

American Heritage New Cushions and Felt

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 29, 2015

A while back, we broke this 8′ American Heritage down for temporary storage and eventual move from Fountain Valley, California. We left the frame, slate and hardware with the homeowner, but took the rails with us to be recushioned. American Heritages aren’t known for using high quality cushion rubber, and this 8 year old table […]

New Floors and Tour

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 28, 2015

  When new carpeting was planned for this San Clemente, California game room. We dismantled the 8′ World of Leisure pool table and moved the pieces to the garage nearby so the flooring company could do their thing. In the interim, we recushioned the aging rails to give new bounce. A few weeks later we […]

Dutchess Delivery

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 27, 2015

Electric blue felt looks pretty awesome on this 8′ Warm Chestnut Dutchess. This North Hills, California homeowner was looking for a classic looking table to be the centerpiece of his converted formal living room. The C.L. Bailey Dutchess was a perfect choice, ticking off all the necessary requirements. Ball and claw legs, carved detailing, medium […]

Customized Charleston

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 24, 2015
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We just finished up this new Connelly pool table delivery and setup in San Clemente, California. This 9′ Charleston (with custom features) makes a great addition to this game room. The Old World stain on maple is highlighted by the naturally stained inset on the frame. The camel felt helps tie the look together and keeps […]

Clubhouse Remodel

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 23, 2015

This Huntington Beach community center clubhouse just underwent a huge transformation. The property management contacted us to assist in moving their two Peter Vitalie pool tables for new flooring. New flooring moves most often require complete disassembly to get them out of the way. These, fortunately, checked off the few boxes necessary to dolly. The […]

Scalloped Beauty

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 22, 2015

This Laguna Hills, California family chose a pretty 8′ Sorbonne to change their formal living room into a gameroom. The scalloped top rails and frame create an elegant look. If you don’t want the traditional bar room look, a carved leg pool table looks great in a more formal space. The solid wood Sorbonne is a […]

Bankers Gray Elayna

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 21, 2015

The Elayna pool table is a great choice for folks looking for a quality slate pool without breaking the bank. This 8′ is featured in a Traditional Mahogany finish on solid maple. It has 100% leather pockets, dyed to match with matching fringe, and the bankers gray keeps the table looking contemporary. All CLB tables […]

Sneak Peek: Pool Table Dining, Rustic Shuffleboard

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 20, 2015

  We are adding a few tables to the lineup coming late Summer 2015. The Peyton Dining Conversion will be a great addition to our contemporary lineup. The Watson will now be available in a two-tone finish. And, the Elhorn Rustic pool table will now have a matching 12′ shuffleboard. These new tables will be available late […]

Disassemble in Storage Unit

0 Posted by Pool Table King on April 18, 2015

Thirteen years ago, I refelted this pool table. Unfortunately, a few years ago the homeowner had to downsize and I moved this table out of Orange County to Moreno Valley. The table was originally in a garage and we were able to keep it intact using special ramp and dollies. Now, its owner has found a new […]