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Electric Elayna

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 28, 2015
finished 7' "Elayna"

We delivered this bar sized 7′ C.L. Bailey cinnamon Elayna to a nice family in Long Beach, CA. The electric blue felt is a fun and practical (you can see the ball really well on blue) choice. The Elayna is solid wood, great looking and incredibly affordable. It is also available in 8′ and different stains. […]

Custom Classic Oak Duke

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 25, 2015

We just finished up installing this 7′ Classic Oak Duke in Capistrano Beach, California. Our customer chose the Dutchess ball and claw legs as opposed to the panel legs that come standard. Cadet blue billiard felt is easy on the eyes, adding just a hint of cool amidst the warm wood tones in the room. […]

San Carlos Delivery

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 22, 2015

This pool table delivery was a little challenging. Our client really wanted a new pool table for her Orange, CA home, but the space was a little tight. She didn’t want to downsize the pool table, and insisted on this eight foot San Carlos by Connelly Billiards. We played with the position a while and settled on […]

Camelot Billiards in Garage

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 20, 2015

This Newport Beach, California garage was prepped with new (and dry) epoxy floors and ready for us to install this 8′ Camelot pool table. All pieces were waiting for us when we arrived at the home. The cloth was saved from when the table was disassembled a few months ago. We were able to use […]

Pool Table on a Budget

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 18, 2015
7' honey maple Lorient pool table finished.

Yes folks, that’s right! All of our pool table models come complete with deluxe playing equipment so you are ready to play. You’ll never have to lift a finger, except to point to where you want us to professionally install your new slate pool table. We stock new import slate pool tables with prices as low […]

Electric Olhausen Monarch

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 16, 2015

We were called out to New American Funding to refelt this 7′ brushed aluminum Olhausen Monarch in Tustin, California. We also did a minor relevel as the table was a bit out of alignment. The black worsted cloth was replaced with Electric Blue Teflon billiard cloth to match the company’s color. Pool tables are great […]

Stratford Drawer Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 15, 2015

This 8′ Stratford was originally installed back in February 2008. We moved it in 2011 for new flooring, reusing the cloth. Now, it has moved from its original home in Anaheim Hills to Eastvale, California. The pool table was in excellent condition as was the felt. However, since the felt had already been stretched twice, this […]

Gameroom Hideaway

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 13, 2015

  Our La Cañada, California customers, converted a large storage garage on their property into an awesome gameroom hangout. We installed an 8′ Dutchess into the newly carpeted and drywalled space. The CLB Dutchess is such a great pool table! Solid wood, classic design, high quality slate and cushion rubber at an affordable price, make […]

Clubhouse Quincy

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 10, 2015

We installed an 8′ Quincy at the Beachwood Park clubhouse in Dana Point, California. The recreation room was recently remodeled and property management and design team were looking for a new classic billiard table for the space. This antique walnut stained on maple Quincy has a traditional, yet contemporary look that compliments the beachy colors of the room. Olive […]

Bellagio with Black Felt

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 7, 2015

We just finished up with this 8′ Olhausen Bellagio in Dana Point, California. This contemporary pool table was left in pieces for us to setup and level. Black Simonis cloth gives it a nice monochromatic look and is a striking contrast to the rug and lighter colors in the room. Sometimes, a pool table needs […]

Brunswick Retro Red

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 6, 2015

This 1970s Brunswick in Fountain Valley, CA was moved from an inside room out to the garage. The forty year old pro-8 foot billiard table was in need of new cushion rubber. We left the partially assembled table in the garage for a couple weeks while the rails were re-rubbered and new cloth installed. We […]

Brunswick Contender Setup

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 5, 2015

Refelting at the time of a move or setup is typical, but most times, the cloth can be saved. The billiard mechanic who disassembled this Brunswick Contender Series, carefully removed the cloth and folded it up for re-use. Notice how the cloth looks as though it won’t fit? We can often stretch cloth two and […]

Beach Gets a New Home

0 Posted by Pool Table King on July 2, 2015

This gently used 8′ Beach pool table found a home in La Palma, California. Our customers were looking for a used pool table, but not willing to compromise on quality or style. Often times, used pool tables are in need of costly repairs. This, on top of the cost of the move, may leave you more […]

Selling Your Used Pool Table

89 Posted by Pool Table King on June 30, 2015

Just about every day I get a phone call asking if we purchase used pool tables. Unfortunately we cannot take on any used pool tables right now, but I can point you in the right direction if you want to get rid of yours. We have sold many used tables in the past. Here are […]

AMF Hanover Gets Moved

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 29, 2015

We recently moved this 8′ AMF Hanover from La Mirada to Yorba Linda, California. The Hanover and its cousin the Fischer Renegade, were great entry level slate pool tables manufactured until a few years ago. The simple laminate frame disguises a one inch backed slate and no nonsense bucket pockets. We reused the red felt […]

Floral Park Rustic Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 28, 2015

We just finished up this 8′ Watson Rustic pool table in the Floral Park neighborhood of Santa Ana, California. The Elkhorn has been getting all the attention as of late, but the Watson is another amazing table in the rustic family. A bit lighter in stance than its cousin, the Watson is rugged and sleek at the […]

Putting a Pool Table Back Together

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 26, 2015

Before new flooring is installed in a game room, your pool table should be dismantled and the pieces moved to an adjacent space. It may sound like overkill, the safest way to ensure your table and property are protected from damage. Even when moving within the same house, it should be taken apart. This Olhausen in Westminster, California […]

Burgundy Refelt

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 24, 2015

This 8′ one piece slate pool table in Monrovia, California just had new burgundy billiard cloth installed. It was a fairly typical refelt in an atypical game room. The room had a mural wrapping nearly 360º around the room. The natural beauty of the California landscape was a nice backdrop for our job and even […]

Arts and Crafts Billiard Library

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 23, 2015

We had the pleasure of installing this 8′ Franciscan Mission in Bradley, California. The amazing two story home library of author Andrew Peterson, is the perfect setting for the timeless Arts and Crafts style pool table. Most modern tables are most often maple, and sometimes oak. This beauty is solid walnut and has no stain, leaving the gorgeous grain […]

Pottery Barn Style Rustic Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 22, 2015

Our Santa Clarita, California customers were on the lookout for a rustic looking pool table. The 8′ Elkhorn Dark had the design quality they were looking for at an affordable price. The heavy frame was assembled on site, then slates placed on top, leveled and sealed. Teflon felt in charcoal creates a monochromatic, modern look. […]

Third Time’s a Charm

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 20, 2015

We first met this American Heritage Britton weeks ago in Huntington Beach, California. The pool table was located on the third floor of a narrow build house, common in that part of town. In order to get it down the tight space of the stairway, we had to completely disassemble all parts to the point where it […]

Dining Pool Table Combo

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 19, 2015

The convertible Aramith Fusion is a modern designed dining table that converts quickly and easily to a pool table. The adjustable height keeps the billiard game at proper level, while keeping dining comfortable the rest of the time. The strong steel frame of this Belgian pool table supports the weight of the slate, while still […]

Moving a Pool Table Downstairs

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 17, 2015

Originally installed upstairs, this tournament sized pool table in Rancho Santa Margarita, California needed to be relocated to the garage in the same home. Moving a billiard table down stairs can be tricky, especially with a landing. The 9′ Brunswick Ventura frame had to be turned carefully to get around the turn of the stairs […]

Mixed Up Dutchess

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 16, 2015
Finished installing this 8 foot TM Dutchess w/ Elayna legs.

This Orange, California couple visited our showroom to get an idea of what style pool table to buy. The Mr. liked the look of the Dutchess but the Mrs. didn’t like the traditional ball in claw style legs that came with it. She liked the clean lines of the Elayna, especially the queen anne style legs that […]

Nash Keeps it Simple

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 15, 2015

This Eastvale, California family chose the all black Nash to turn their formal living room into a more usable space. The three piece, one inch slate playing surface plays like a dream. The upgraded camel Tour Edition cloth goes well with the carpet and paint. The 7′ fits perfectly in the room and eliminated the need […]

Golden Brunswick

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 11, 2015

We just finished up this Brunswick Orleans in Yorba Linda, California. The pro 8′ classic now has new cushion rubber, golden felt, and leather baskets to get this family back in the game. Aging pool tables often need a major overhaul once they hit about 35-50 years old. Even if the table hasn’t been played […]

Prescott with Storage Drawer

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 10, 2015

This 8′ Connelly Prescott with drawer was a great choice for our Long Beach, California clients. They chose the American made Prescott, Mill Creek stain on maple. All playing accessories tuck away in the pull out drawer. Electric blue felt is a perfect choice for this home near the beach. Many Connelly models can be upgraded […]

Matte Black Del Sol

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 9, 2015

This Tustin, California couple chose the contemporary Connelly Del Sol in matte black. These new homeowners were looking for something with clean lines and quality construction. The solid maple frame supports the one inch slates and modern style rail assembly. Leather buckets remain hidden, unlike antique-style pockets on most billiard tables. Steel gray felt looks […]

Best Bang for Your Buck

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 8, 2015
Finished installing this seven foot Elayna.

Here at DK Billiards we strive to give our clients the best value in slate pool tables. Choosing your first pool table wisely will offer you years of trouble free enjoyment. All of our tables, whether American made or import (like this 7′ solid wood Elayna) are installed the same way and with the same […]

60’s Bar Table Goes Gold

0 Posted by Pool Table King on June 7, 2015

This 7′ Valley Coin-op pool table in Bellflower, California was refelted with new gold felt to replace the old. It had been a few years since the table was open, and when the slate was out the inner workings of the table were visible. The homeowner took the opportunity to fish out lost pieces of […]