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Russian Pyramid Billiards

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 24, 2015

Here in the U.S., most folks are familiar with American Billiard games such as 8-ball and nine ball. Some are even familiar with Carom Billiards and Snooker. Recently, we had a chance to work on a awesome 11′ Russian Pyramid Billiard table. This is a bit of an uncommon game here in the states. I’ve worked on […]

Red Topped Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 18, 2015

Check out this pool table we recently setup in Yorba Linda, California. This garage gameroom has a new punch of color with new red Teflon billiard cloth. A few weeks ago, this particular table was dismantled so that the flooring could be redone. We returned and now the 8 footer is ready for a game of eight ball. […]

Two Tone Cochise Revisited

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 13, 2015

Back in 2012, we delivered this gorgeous two-tone Cochise with accessory drawer to North Tustin, California. We were called in to relocate this “Ladies’ Lounge” a stone’s throw away to the City of Orange. The well built, American made Connelly, still looks just as great as it did new three years ago. The ladies have […]

Billiard Table with Accessory Drawer

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 9, 2015

We just finished up delivering this 8′ Prescott with drawer. Our Yorba Linda, California clients were looking for a classic looking pool table but weren’t keen on having the cue sticks on display. The accessory drawer holds all of their cues, balls, triangle, bridge and more. Because it is built into the cabinet frame, most […]

Elayna Goes Gray

0 Posted by Pool Table King on March 2, 2015

We just finished up installing this gorgeous Elayna in Anaheim, California. The classic style of the double arched frame has a dark traditional mahogany finish. But, the steel gray felt, gives the pool table a little contemporary nudge and ties in with the gray paint on the walls. The Elayna features solid wood legs, frame […]

Duke Delivery

0 Posted by Pool Table King on February 23, 2015

This seven foot Duke pool table is perfectly sized for this Eastvale, California home. The solid wood, warm chestnut stained frame makes a bold statement with bright red felt. The Duke is available in 7′ and 8′, as well as different stains. Its straight lines and classic genuine leather pockets blend in with nearly all decor […]

Ventana Rope Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on February 18, 2015

This 8′ Ventana with rope trim detail found a home in San Clemente, California. We muscled the three pieces of 1.25 inch slate upstairs to level atop the classic wood frame. The panel legs were factory lengthened per our clients request, so the table would sit a bit higher than standard. This small, but very important addition, […]

Lovely Lorient

0 Posted by Pool Table King on February 10, 2015

Our clients in Santa Ana, California were looking for a traditional pool table. They decided on the 8′ Lorient, due to the classic lines and turned legs. The subtle routing in the straight lines of the cabinet is a little different than most arched designs, yet doesn’t feel too modern. Cinnamon stain on maple with […]

Fancy Elayna Upstairs

0 Posted by Pool Table King on February 4, 2015

Check out this gorgeous Elayna pool table we just delivered for our customers in Los Angeles, California. Dark Traditional Mahogany stain on maple, fancy carved pockets, and camel felt are the stars of the show. It’s was a little tricky to get the three pieces of one inch slate upstairs, but we got it done safely. Now […]

Coastal Cutie

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 29, 2015

This 7′ Elayna pool table was a perfect fit for this Corona del Mar, California family. The solid wood Elayna features a 1″ three piece slate and beautiful dark brown leather pockets. The camel colored felt creates a neutral pallet when paired with the Warm Chestnut stain. Queen Anne style legs add just the right […]

Rustic Style Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 22, 2015

This 8′ Elkhorn Rustic found a home in Huntington Beach, California. The dark stained distressed wood with khaki Teflon coated felt is a perfect compliment to the decor. This family is sure to have a blast playing with family and friends for years to come. The Elkhorn is available in two stains and not only looks […]

Purple Punch

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 16, 2015

This Fullerton, California garage is being converted into a game room. We set this 8′ Blackhawk pool table up a couple of days before Christmas with a little extra help from my 8 year old. The Teflon purple felt is bright, fun and surprisingly easy to play on. The Blackhawk features drop pockets and durable laminate […]

Fairfield Contemporary Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 13, 2015

This Yorba Linda, California customer picked out a contemporary Fairfield pool table for their home. This 8′ solid wood billiard table columnar post legs paired with modern style rails and leather bucket pockets. The antique walnut stain looks classy with the navy blue Teflon felt. Ready for to start your game room? Visit our Orange […]

New Classic Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on January 6, 2015

This Fountain Valley, California family opted for classic styled pool table for their newly converted billiard room. The made in the USA San Carlos features a solid maple arched cabinet, three piece one inch backed slate and gorgeous American leather pockets. Connelly’s Old World stain, burgundy cloth and ram’s horn leg give an old style […]

Snowy Elayna Pool Table

2 Posted by Pool Table King on December 29, 2014

This 7′ Elayna was the perfect fit for this Big Bear Lake, California cabin. After a long day on the slopes, this family can cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy a nice game of eight ball. Our customers chose a neutral camel colored cloth to compliment the cinnamon maple stained pool table. The Elayna […]

Modern Gray Oak Pool Table with Dining Option

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 16, 2014

A little punch of color is fun, but this Aramith FusionTable knocks it out of the park with Simonis chartreuse. Our San Juan Capistrano, California client was looking for colors to compliment his cabinets and lime green accent wall. He knew it would be close, but we were stunned at the match considering there wasn’t […]

Contemporary Del Sol Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 9, 2014

This 7′ Del Sol pool table works well in this contemporary Los Angeles, California home. The solid black stained solid maple, together with the charcoal felt creates a cool monochromatic look for the game room. Because of the available space, sizing down to bar-size feel better proportioned to the space and allows for ample cue space […]

Global Coin-op Gets New Life

0 Posted by Pool Table King on December 1, 2014

This 7′ Global coin-op pool table may be 30 years old, but it still plays a great game of eight ball. This Montebello, California family created a cool hang out space in their detached garage. We put new cushions and electric blue felt to make it play just like it did when it was new. […]

Modern-style Pool Table with Dining Top

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 19, 2014

The Aramith FusionTable is a great option for folks who are looking for a dining table that converts to a pool table. This 7′ powder coat walnut in San Diego, California, is a perfect example of making room for billiards in a home. This Fusion has a bright surprise under the dining leaves. The Euro […]

Rock N Roll Reno Rustic

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 11, 2014

This Calabasas, California family was looking for a pool table with a little edge to their gameroom. The eight foot Reno Rustic fit the bill. The dark antique walnut stain on the distressed oak is paired with steel gray felt for a modern look. Leather bucket pockets are hidden by the modern style rails. The […]

Gold Crown III Goes Black

0 Posted by Pool Table King on November 3, 2014

Black and Green Game Room This Orange, California family had their 9′ Brunswick Gold Crown III in storage for many years. Finally, they had the perfect space and decided to get this beauty back up and playing. This tournament grade billiard table has a commercial look, but it is not your typical barroom table. Gold […]

Rustic Renaissance

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 28, 2014
the view

The lobby of the Renaissance Long Beach is ready for a few games of eight ball. This newly renovated hotel in the heart of downtown Long Beach, California chose the Reno Rustic for guests to have a little billiard fun. The eight foot Reno has modern-style rails that hide the leather bucket pockets. The Renaissance […]

Modern White Pool Table

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 22, 2014

White Lacquer Dining/Pool Table Our customer was looking for an ultra-modern pool table for a dining room over looking the Pacific Ocean. The Aramith FusionTable was the perfect fit for his Pacific Palisades, California home. White powder coated steel frame paired with white lacquered top rails and dining leaves complete the newly minted entertaining space. […]

Steelers Pool Table Refelt

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 18, 2014

Team Colors for Steelers Fan This North Tustin, California family chose black felt with Brite Gold accent rails to show their Steelers pride. Although licensed NFL pool table cloth is available, two-tone color combinations are a great budget minded choice. This billiard table looks awesome and is ready for family fun. With more than 20 […]

San Carlos with Drawer

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 11, 2014

Check Out Our Drawers Part Two This Pro 8′ San Carlos pool table was delivered to a family in Pacific Palisades, California back in 2012. Not wanting to part with their beloved billiard table, we were called upon to move it to their new home a few blocks away. We disassembled, moved and installed camel cloth to […]

Meet the Reno Rustic

0 Posted by Pool Table King on October 6, 2014

Pottery Barn Inspired Rustic Pool Table This San Juan Capistrano, California family was one of the first to have an eight foot Reno installed in their home. This hardwood billiard table is a beauty. It features dovetail joint details and exposed hardware on the legs, and the gray undertones of the khaki cloth pair well […]

Black and Tan

0 Posted by Pool Table King on September 26, 2014

Black Felt Looks Sharp This 8′ pool light maple pool table in Norco, California is ready for good times again. Aging cushion rubber was replaced and new black felt and black leather pockets were added. If you notice yourself having to hit the ball harder than you used to, or in comparison to a new […]

Clubhouse Cool

0 Posted by Pool Table King on September 22, 2014

This Carlsbad, California mobile home clubhouse is ready for a little game of eight ball. We installed an 8′ Addison to the community’s nearly completed game room. We missed out on the natural air conditioning this room would normally get due to its seaside location and came on the hottest day of a record-breaking heat wave. […]

Scalloped Edge Sorbonne

0 Posted by Pool Table King on September 15, 2014

We just finished up this 8′ Sorbonne pool table in Long Beach, California. The Sorbonne has scalloped rails, blind aprons and along the frame. This Traditional Mahogany stain on maple looks great with the worsted wool pro cloth upgrade in a shade of wine. The family also decided to upgrade to the Aramith Premium accessory kit. […]

Neutral Camel Cloth is Still a Match

0 Posted by Pool Table King on September 8, 2014

Here is a 7′ pool table in Mission Viejo, California that we have some personal experience with. The homeowners replaced the cushions and cloth on this 20 year old pool table back in 2010/2011, but now needed it moved to their new home. We were able to re-stretch the cloth on the slate bed since it […]