Legs Can’t Handle the Shake

On March 28, an earthquake rumbled through Southern California. The 5.1 tremor caused a fair bit of damage to a handful of homes near the epicenter. In nearby Brea, California, one pool table took a big jump.

This 30 year old, one piece slate Delta billiard table moved about 4 or 5 inches during the shaking. It’s hard to believe, but take a close look at the indentations in the carpet. At nearly 800 pounds, this pool table isn’t easily moved, but Mother Nature gave it a good shove.

We removed the rails and slate to examine the mounts of each leg. We took the pool table back to our shop to see if we can fix the damage. We will keep you updated.

About Pool Table King

The Pool Table King, aka David Kay, has been servicing pool/billiard tables for over 20 years. Since 2005, he and his wife have been selling pool tables from their Orange, CA showroom to clients all over Orange County and surrounding areas.

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