Outdoor Pool Table

Putting a pool table outside under a covered patio is not an unusual thing here in Southern California. A pig shadowing the install, however, is a different kind of feeling. This Placentia, California home has a brand new C.L. Bailey Addison for their backyard hangout space.

Kooter the pig was a perfect gentleman during the install, and even allowed us to take his picture. He hung out in the pen while we setup up the three piece slate billiard table for his family.

The patio offers shelter for the pool table frame and the navy blue worsted tournament cloth and rails will stay protected from dust, dirt and dew with a heavy duty fitted cover. The Addison is perfect patio table and is available in 7′ or 8′. It features a 1 inch slate with ¾ inch backing (most pool tables in this style and price range offer ¾ inch, unbacked slate) and aluminum trim. It is also made in the U.S.A. Very cool.

About Rory

You will find Rory in the showroom. She wears many hats including graphic designer and mom. She can help you find a table that fits in your budget or pick out a great cloth color. She oversees scheduling and fields most of the phone calls.

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