A Different Kind of Green in the Gameroom

Surrounded by antique golf clubs and a bronze golfer, this Pro Line Billiards table in San Juan Capistrano, California is definitely at home. The homeowner brought the six rails into our repair center to begin the process for new cushion rubber. He also brought in his pockets to us for repair, as the last installer was careless and cross-threaded nearly all of the pocket bolts.

This unique pool table had (incredibly faded) spruce cloth. It was replaced with worsted tournament cloth in Golden. It was a last minute color switch from Camel, but it ended up looking fantastic.  And with the new cushions and relevel, it now plays just like new. Probably, better.

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You will find Rory in the showroom. She wears many hats including graphic designer and mom. She can help you find a table that fits in your budget or pick out a great cloth color. She oversees scheduling and fields most of the phone calls.

One thought on “Golf Themed Pool Table

  1. I inherited an identical table to the golf theme pool table. It is in perfect condition. Obviously well loved through the years.
    Can you give me a little history about it, value, and year built.
    Many thanks,

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