Our client recently decided to move his 1970’s, 4.5×9 foot Delta billiard table out of the front room of his Long Beach, CA house. This 9′ tournament size pool table was too good to get rid of so my client decided to transform his one and half car garage into a gameroom. After we carefully disassembled and marked all of the pool table parts, we found a spot just right for the nine footer in the center of his garage. Because we had taken off the felt very carefully, I was able to restretch it onto the three piece slate bed without any tearing. Restretching pool table felt is possible if it is not over-stretched. I usually try to tug on the felt about a half of an inch past the previous stretch. This will yield a nice tight playing surface, whilst not over-stressing the wool and nylon fibers of the felt.

About Pool Table King

The Pool Table King, aka David Kay, has been servicing pool/billiard tables for over 20 years. Since 2005, he and his wife have been selling pool tables from their Orange, CA showroom to clients all over Orange County and surrounding areas.

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