1970’s Delta Billiard Table Vanishes

This 1970’s pool table was located in our client’s Santa Ana, CA garage gameroom. We recently disassembled this nine foot Delta custom billiard table and made it into smaller, easy to handle pieces for our client to later move himself. The three piece slate bed was the heaviest part of the pool table. Each piece of slate weighs about 250 pounds. We gently laid the slates on their side and leaned them against the garage wall. Our client’s in-laws had just given him a 1960’s Fischer bar pool table which he will be restoring. My client told me the reason he was having us breakdown the nine footer was because it was just too big for him and he prefers to play on bar sized pool tables.

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I have a table that looks very similar to this and has the same tag from Delta. Do you have any idea of the value or age of this table?

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Thanks for interest in my pool table blog. The approximate age is the 1970’s. The value is open to interpretation. If you’re talking about replacement value, you’d spend upwards of $5000 to try and replace it with something equivalent. Just selling it to someone as a used table it’s probably worth $900-1500 dollars. Regards, Dave.

I have a 9 ft table with the same label though the frame looks more traditional. Great table. I noticed your estimate of resale value $900-1500. I paid $1800 used about 15 years ago and installed new beige color felt and had heavy duty cover made. Looking at Craigslist for 9 Foot tables in Columbus Ohio I would estimate a higher price range $1500-2000+. How did you arrive at the price range?

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Hi Jim, thanks for taking the time to comment on the topic of 1970’s pool tables. The only thing I can attribute the differences in used pool table values between your state of Ohio and my state of California is we have a much greater supply of used tables. The laws of supply and demand dictate the price. Most pool table buyers are unaware of the differences between and older well build pool table, such as a Delta or Delmo. All potential buyers see is the glut of cheaply manufactured, import Chinese pool tables at staggeringly low prices.
Take care of your Delta billiard table as it will undoubtedly appreciate in value. Dave

I have a pool table with a Monarch/Brunswick name plate on it, but a Delta Billiards Los Angeles SN#15747 label on the cabinet. Is there a way to find out the age and other pertinent info on this table?

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Hey Rick, someone probably Frankensteined your pool table from spare parts they had laying around. Not worth much, just use and enjoy it.

Hello! My parents own a 9ft Delmo. The label says “Finest Custom Made By Delmo Billiards Mfg. Co. Gardena, Ca.” It does need new felt. They have had it for 35+ years. Unfortunately their health and finances has forced them to sell. Can you advise us on where we can sell it and how much to ask?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give us. – Darcel

Hi, I have a Delta 77 coin operated table left in my house by the previous home owners. It has a pat. No. 3,466,035. It has a solid slate and is incredibly heavy. Any idea of its age and possible value? Thank you

I meant a one piece slate instead of the usual 3 piece. 🙂

Pool guy- I have this same table but the label says Custom Original by Delta Division Questor Corp. I am restoring the table as it was just given to me by a friend who’s father passed away and they are selling the home. While disassembling some of the pockets were broken – not sure how but were just hanging in. Any idea where I can get replacements? Also th leather was so old on the pockets most of it broke during the tear down so I need the full pockets. – Will any pockets fit? These have round pieces that go into the wood and it bolted on to hold.

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Awesome pool table Chris, whatever you do don’t throw out the original pockets as you’ll never be able to find replacements that fit correctly. If you’re able to bring the old ones to my shop we can rebuild them. Thanks for sharing, David Kay.

Hi Sir:

I have a 70’s era Delta table (handed down from my Dad) and I have the leather pockets with green fringe. The horseshoe on the side pocket is broken – the pot metal ‘ears’ with the threads have cracked (is that what you call a six iron?)…do you know if I can get it fixed or replaced…I’d like to keep the table as original as possible.

Would appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you

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Hi Benson, yes the pocket irons are #6 style. The irons should be made of cast aluminium and can be repaired by someone who knows how to heliarc weld. I had the same problem on a Delmo pool table pocket iron. If you carefully remove the net from leather iron cover you’ll be able to remove the iron from leather and take it to a welder.
Good luck, David

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