Another Connelly Hot Off The Texas Assembly Line

Here we are in Tustin, CA delivering and installing this eight foot Connelly slate pool table. This is one our more popular American made models called the San Carlos, which we usually sell with a carved leg. But this client chose to go with a tapered leg, Connelly offers more than six different leg styles. The San Carlos is made entirely out of solid maple wood, our client chose to go with Milano, one of over 30 different stains offered by Connelly. The San Carlos is part of Connelly Billiards’ canyon collection. All pool tables in the canyon collection feature one inch thick, three piece slate, backed with a .75″ wood slate liner. Our client chose one of our upgrade packages which includes worsted wool pro billiard cloth, an Aramith accessory kit and a heavy duty fitted pool table cover. To see this table and many other high quality American made slate pool tables please visit our Orange County pool table showroom.

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