How NOT to Move Your Pool Table: Part 4

Once again we have come across a pool table that has been moved improperly. This owner (and his friends) in Trabuco Canyon, CA thought it would be a great idea to move his 8′ 3 piece slate, World of Leisure pool table for a party dance floor. They put the pool table legs inside of trash bags and tried to slide it out of the way. But they didn’t account for the step up and down of the entryway landing. Two legs broke off and they had to carry what they could to it’s new spot, then set the pool table back on its legs. But, the legs had been broken away from where they were mounted to the cabinet. And when the party was over our customer and his friends muscled the pool table back to the original spot, precariously there it sat for more than a year with two broken legs. We were called out to the home for just a “relevel”.

To top it all off, this isn’t the first time this pool table has been moved improperly. When I looked under the table, I noticed a note I had written. In 2002, this pool table was marked as having a fragile leg due to improper moving techniques. We ended up taking the pool table all apart and storing it in the customer’s garage while we repaired the pool table legs in our shop. Our customer also noticed that when he banked balls off of certain rails they seemed a bit “dead” so he decided to have us recushion and refelt them, so when we go back to re-install the newly repaired pool table we’ll post an after photo.

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